Tips on How to Write an Argumentative Research Paper

Argumentative paper is when a student has to investigate a certain topic by gathering evidence and facts and setting on a particular position on the topic.

These types of paper usually require a deep research of the subject by reading a lot of literature or materials that were previously published. An empirical research also might be needed when you have to gather data, interviews, surveys, experiments, and observations. Detailed investigation of the topic helps you understand it more and learn different visions regarding the matter so that you could pick a position and support it with the evidence you have found.

Argumentative papers must set a clear and accurate thesis and follow solid reasoning.

Creating Thesis Statement

In argumentative paper you make a claim about a subject and justify it in the body with particular evidence. The claim can be an evaluation, opinion, interpretation, policy proposal, or cause-and-effect statement. Your aim is to convince readers that your claim is true based on the provided evidence.

The thesis should be of the following:

  • It should be specific. It should reveal only what you’re going to discuss in a paper.
  • It should be located at the end of your paper’s first paragraph.
  • As you write your subject might change, so you will need to revise your statement to reflect what exactly is said in the paper.

Select a Debatable Subject

How to write an argumentative research paper and check if your subject debatable? To see if your subject can be debated ask yourself following questions:

  • How many people can be against my position on the issue? What can they say?
  • Can the topic be answered with yes or no? (Look for subjects that require more details).
  • Can I ground my argument on scholarly proofs?
  • Is my argument specific enough?
  • Citations of experts who agree with your position.
  • Passionate language.
  • Statistics, authentic facts, and evidence that can support your vision.
  • Reasons to support your argument.
  • Address the opposing side and discard their claims.

What not to Do When Writing an Essay?

  • Claim to be an expert on the issue.
  • Use qualifiers like ‘I think’, ‘I believe’, etc.
  • Assume that the audience will agree with you.
  • Use only moral or religious arguments to support your position.
  • Try to make others look bad.

Necessity of Addressing the Opposite Side

It is in your advantage to foresee your opposition and strike it with firm arguments in the body of your research paper. When you address an opposite side you achieve the following:

  • Demonstrates a good understanding of the subject.
  • Illustrate the lack of prejudice.
  • Make readers believe in your opinion.
  • Give yourself a chance to discard any claims of opposition.
  • Make your claim stronger by lowering the position of opposition’s argument.

Imagine for example, a child who asks parents to do something that they would normally not agree to. The child will most likely get it if he or she anticipates parents’ concerns before they said them. Be addressing claims of opposition you make them respect your opinion and support it.

A Full Argument

Maybe it is useful to think of an essay as of a debate or conversation with your fellow students. If you decide to discuss the consequences of the Second World War, there would be a beginning, middle, and the ending to the conversation. If you decide to finish your argument somewhere in the middle of your second point there will be a lot of questions about the effects on those who lived at the time. Thus your paper must be complete and logical leaving no doubts about its argument.

The Best Approach as for How to Write an Argumentative Research Paper

Using a five-paragraph method to writing essays is the best option to craft an argumentative paper. Of course, this is not the only option and every student can develop their own formula that will assist them achieve success. Five-paragraph method is indeed includes five paragraphs in your work: intro, three main paragraphs, and ending.

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